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Sell Your Junk Car


If your experience with a junk car removal service was calling a junk yard to get rid of your junk car and paying $200 for the job, then you are unlucky as things have changed. Sell junk Car Ft Lauderdale has brought about the change in Ft Lauderdale and other parts of the United States to offer free, dependable junk car removal by local junk yards.

Here is how we can help you. When you have decided to get your junk car removed just call us or fill out the form in our webpage. After we hear from you, we go through our network of removal experts in Ft Lauderdale and choose one that is available on the specific date and time you intend to remove your junk vehicle. We will get the paperwork done immediately so that ownership can easily be transferred on the spot.

After our removal experts come to pick up your car we will offer a check for your car’s value either immediately or after a qualified appraiser has checked your vehicle. Throughout the whole process you pay us nothing and we try to keep things moving every step of the way.

When you sell your junk car, don’t be surprised if there are any deductions to your payment. There is of course, a fee for standard operations involved in these methods of payments. The good thing however, is there are no out of pocket expenses. You will receive your payment according to your agreement. We have the tow car drivers who will give you the payment on the spot.

Selling a junk car, whether it is working or not, can be a bit tiring for some. Paperwork has to be done in the process. However, apart from the extra money you will make, you can also free up valuable space in your garage for a new car.